Conference Room Pop-Up Socket/Table Recessed Console/Modular Table with Ce

Quick DetailsSerial No.ParameterDescription1MaterialZinc Alloy/Steel2Panel MaterialAluminum alloy3Surface finishElectroplated/Painted/Power sprayed4Panel Dimension(mm)170*1235Cutout(mm)148*1156Height of product(mm)97.67Bottom box size(mm)146*113*97.68Bottom box materialPlastic9Capacity of modules /Interface size4 ways 45*45mm mo

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Quick Details
Serial No.ParameterDescription
1MaterialZinc Alloy/Steel
2Panel MaterialAluminum alloy
3Surface finishElectroplated/Painted/Power sprayed
4Panel Dimension(mm)170*123
6Height of product(mm)97.6
7Bottom box size(mm)146*113*97.6
8Bottom box materialPlastic
9Capacity of modules /Interface size4 ways 45*45mm modules
10ConfigurationPower outlet+Data outlet or USB charging : Customized as required
11Cable length1.5m, 2m,2m or required length
12Available modules45*45mm Type series

Applicable for home/office/hotels/libaries/training rooms/meeting rooms and conference halls multi-media networking system                       
  1. Office and education
  2. Industry and Engineering
  3. Presentation and retail;
  4. Orientation and safety;
  5. Transit areas and parking;
  6. Hotels, hospitality and wellness;
  7. Health, sport and leisure;
  8. Art and culture;
Customization of modular:
  1. Switches
  2. Protection(fused/thermal switch)
  3. Power outlets;
  4. Data jack;
  5. USB charger;

1.With damping device, press button and pop up with slow speed;
2.With screws and complete plastic bottom box,more easy to installation;
3.The panel is by aluminum alloy of intergrate diacasting structure, more reliable surface pretect from scratch ;
4.Silver or black painting finish of optional surface .

Meeting Room Pop up Socket/Table Recess Console/Table Modular with Ce
Meeting Room Pop up Socket/Table Recess Console/Table Modular with Ce

Meeting Room Pop up Socket/Table Recess Console/Table Modular with Ce
Meeting Room Pop up Socket/Table Recess Console/Table Modular with Ce
Meeting Room Pop up Socket/Table Recess Console/Table Modular with Ce

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