The 11 best metro tiles to buy now | Bricks & Mortar | The Times

2022-10-08 17:33:07 By : Mr. Lane Cao

M etro tiles — or subway tiles — were originally designed to be just that. Invented in 1904 in New York to cover station walls, their simple shape, glossy glaze and bevelled edges meant they were easy to clean despite the pollution generated by the city. Their success in the US led to the London Underground and Paris Metro embracing the shape for their new train networks below ground. And now this supremely practical design is used in the bathrooms and kitchens of homes around the world.

Although always rectangular, the style has a few modern variations. Some iterations have a flat rather than bevelled edge, and a handful come in a matt finish. Creative director of Bert & May, Ruth Webber is a firm fan

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