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2022-10-11 09:32:37 By : Mr. Frank zo

Elaine Newby wanted a 'fresh new look' for her house, but couldn’t afford brand new furniture

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A DIY newbie has revamped a table and bar stools that were destined for the tip, and the results are seriously impressive.

Elaine Newby from West Sussex, wanted a “fresh new look” for her house, but couldn’t afford brand new furniture.

"The dining table was a very old-fashioned table I’ve had for over five years now," she told big sale marketplace

The 30-year-old bought the table from a charity shop for £50 and admits she had plans to take it to the tip.

"I really wanted a classy marble effect table top in its place," she explained.

"But when I found out that the cheapest marble effect dining table was £1,500, I had to have a rethink.

"Instead of compromising on what I wanted, I thought I’d have a go at reviving the old table myself.

"The table was destined for the tip, but I decided at the last minute to have a go at breathing new life into it.

"I was even more determined to make the table a success as my dad and sister had doubts that my design would look nice, and both thought that I should just buy new.

"I started by sanding down the table legs and painting them in a matt black paint that I got free from a neighbour.

"I then contacted a local company called The Sign Company, in East Grinstead. They were absolutely amazing as they sourced and printed off a large piece of marble vinyl specifically for me, the cost came to £72.”

"To save on installation costs, my partner and I decided to lay the vinyl ourselves.

"My partner used a sharp Stanley knife and a tape measure to cut an inch in from the table edge. We then laid the vinyl around the back instep edging.

"I’ve had so many amazing comments from friends and family, my dad and sister were speechless when they had dinner on the new table, which I took as a job well done."

Elaine also had stools that she wanted to breathe new life into.

"I couldn’t bring myself to spend £100 on a couple of new bar stools. Luckily I was given two old wooden stools from my friend, which she didn’t use anymore.

"I lightly sanded down the stools and bought five cans of high gloss spray paint from the local pound shop, to spray all the wood black.

"The inserts needed recovering and I didn’t want to spend a great deal of money on new fabric.

"I ordered two pillowcases from Amazon with a beautiful pattern design, they were £3.50 each. I picked the stitching apart and used a staple gun to reupholstered the inserts.

"Incredibly, the total cost to up-cycle both stools was £12. It took me under an hour to do and I couldn’t be happier with the results."

This was Elaine's first attempt at DIY and she says she was "amazed" with what she could accomplish within such a short amount of time.

"We live in a throwaway society nowadays. It's nice to show people that old pieces of furniture can be just as beautiful as the new pieces. You just have to show them a little love.

"My top tip for DIY newbies would be to start on furniture that is destined for the tip.

"That way, if you transform it into something wonderful, amazing! But, if it doesn’t completely work out, then nothing is lost.

"Plus, you’ll gain so many useful skills and tricks to take into your next DIY project."